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Oh hello!

I am Agate Rubene, illustrator and artist behind Restless & Infectious.

Born in Latvia, I am currently living and working in Wanaka, New Zealand. 

With a background in fashion I first started with exploration of fashion illustration which has had a huge influence on my style. My work focuses on people and their actions capturing emotions and drawing life’s pleasures with a light-hearted nature. 

I use bright colour palettes, fluid shapes and vibrant characters to create alternative realities. My artworks are inspired by daily personal experiences, mood and aesthetic of pop culture. Fields I work in include illustration, branding and apparel design.

After studying fashion design in Riga Design and Art school I moved to Herning, Denmark and later Amsterdam where I completed degrees in Design & Business in TEKO and Amsterdam Fashion Institute. 

I am always looking for new opportunities and I love to meet new clients. Feel free to leave me a note, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

CONTACT: agate@restlessinfectious.com
INSTAGRAM: @restless_infectious
FACEBOOK: Agate Rubene - Artist